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When a child is born too early or seriously ill, when an accident or a serious, chronic disease changes lives, the shock to the family is huge.

The BUNTE KREIS in the Aachen e.V. region offers socio-medical after-care in the city region for families with premature, accidentally, chronically and severely ill as well as disabled children.
He accompanies the families in the often very difficult transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient care.

Already in the clinic, the employee of the BUNTEN KREISE contacts the family. Then she comes to her home and is also on the phone to advise.
She supports and accompanies the family and ensures optimal networking with doctors, therapists and other health services. In addition, she does a lot of motivational work and also helps with official matters.

The offer is free for families! The BUNTE KREIS depends on donations.
The tile campaigns of the past few years have increased the awareness of the facility in the Aachen region.
The press has picked up on the actions very well, as well as the radio and TV. And the proceeds of the previous actions have helped
to accompany and strengthen even more seriously ill children and their families for a while
true to the motto "For life to succeed at home!".

The BUNTE KREIS in the Aachen region is an independent club. He is a member of the Federal Association Bunter Kreis, which includes more than 80 Bunte Kreise nationwide.

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