The Auction
Bits are taken from October 14th until November 9th.
Starting at 50 Euros. It is bid in 5 euro steps. All bids placed by email are binding! Please send email to regarding: auction. Only emails with the complete address of the bidder as well as telephone number are accepted. The current offer is marked by the name of the bidder in the Internet. On express desire the surname can be void. If the tile should not be over-bid in the official auction, then it belongs to the person which had the last bid online. The work can be either picked up after payment or shipped. Please inquire before placing a bid.

Here you can see the bids from the 14th of October.

On November 9, the list closes at 6 pm until the official auction on November 11 at GRAVIERANSTALT.

List of submitted works here ...

Click on the artist's work to see a preview of the work!

* last update / The list of bidders will be supplemented with the names later / Information without guarantee *